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Falkon blog post featured image for post - #FalkonFriday – Double birthday, Drumming and Drone Upgrades

#FalkonFriday – Double birthday, Drumming and Drone Upgrades

Falkon Friday - We celebrate a double birthday. Watch out for gifts, drums, a drone, Airwolf and The Joker. Can you get a joke faster than Steve does?

Best YouTube traffic sources

Driving traffic to your YouTube videos

Want to drive traffic to your YouTube video? We go through the best ways to seed your videos on YouTube, and the very best source may surprise you.

product photography, Falkon Friday, video

#FalkonFriday – A focus on hot drinks and product...

An autumnally overcast Friday at Falkon Towers, Developer & master of code, Jon takes a day away from his desk and we focus on product photography.

Falkon blog post featured image for post - Boosting product sales in Magento

Boosting product sales in Magento

Magento is a Falkon favourite; learn how to make use of its powerful features to boost sales by defining related products, up-sells and cross-sells.

National Mentoring Day

#FalkonFriday – Making Tech, Manchester Meet ups and Marketing...

This week has been very busy with long hours in the office for Christmas marketing campaigns launching in the next 2 weeks. However, we still found time to film some snippets of...


What is Facebook Messenger Advertising

Brands already harnessing Facebook Messenger to engage with their audience should take note; Facebook now allows advertising within Messenger with phenomenal ROI results.

falkon brand hero digital marketing

Make Your Brand the Hero of the Story!

Storytelling in marketing is nothing new, but it is still as effective as ever, with new technologies, social platforms and influencer marketing there are more ways of getting your brand story out...

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#FalkonFriday – Luke’s Vidsummit Souvenirs, Steve’s imports and a...

Friday rolls around once more and it doesn't seem long since Managing Director & 'International Man of Mystery', Luke, jetted to Vidsummit in Los Angeles.