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James Caan on SEO

James Caan on SEO – FreshEgg’s New Chairman

What will be said by James Caan on SEO? It has recently emerged that James Caan has become the chairman of FreshEgg, which is one of the most successful SEO companies in the...

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The Wolfman movie website

I love movie websites, because they are the perfect opportunity to create some really nice and interactive Flash websites. Movies also lend themselves perfectly to this kind of interactive media, and with...

Falkon blog post featured image for post - Anchor Text Definition

Anchor Text Definition

What is Anchor Text? Anchor text is the text that you click on to activate and follow a hyperlink to another web page or website. For example, the words “search engine optimisation”...

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20 of the worst website designs

This is a great post that really made me chuckle – 20 of the worst designed websites. I had to take a screen shot of one of my favourites (see above). I...

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Terminator 2 poster tutorial

I wasn’t sure of a good topic to kick off the tutorials section of this blog, but one of the things I get asked about a lot is a ‘basics’ tutorial for painting images in Photoshop using the...

Falkon blog post featured image for post - What Do You Need From Your Website Designer?

What Do You Need From Your Website Designer?

When it comes to Design it is very hard to pick one designer over another, there are many talented designers in the industry who are creative and skilled at producing great websites....

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New SEO Creative website is launched!

The SEO Creative website went live today, as with most companies we have been focusing on client work so the final development of our website took a while to get finished. But...