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Express Service

At SEO Creative we use freelance designers and developers to keep costs down, another service we offer is quick turn around. This is our Express Service.

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3D pavement street art

For anyone that hasn’t seen any 3D pavement art, you really should check it out. It normally involves some very talented artists with nothing more than a set of pastels or paints...

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Deep linking definition – An Inbound Link Building Strategy

An SEO glossary definition for the term deep linking, which refers to links directed to inner pages of your website. This post also contains information on why this is important from an...

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WordPress exploit – update your blog!

It has been revealed that a WordPress exploit has been discovered by hackers, which affects all versions of WordPress pre-version 2.8.4. If you're using an older version you should update immediately!

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Gamer movie website review

If you have read any of our previous posts about Flash website reviews, you will know that we are particularly blunt when it comes to voicing our opinions on the quality of...

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301 redirect tutorial (Apache Server)

A tutorial on how to setup a 301 redirect on an Apache server in order to counter any domain canonicalisation (canonicalization) issues

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APB character customisation studio

The makers of crackdown (a popular release on the PS3 and Xbox 360) are developing a new game very similar to popular titles such as the Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row...

Falkon blog post featured image for post - Canonicalisation (canonicalization) definition

Canonicalisation (canonicalization) definition

What is Canonicalisation? There are many web design and SEO terms and phrases which we often get asked about as to their meaning. Canonicalisation (canonicalization) is an internal content duplication issue which is...

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Dorian Gray movie website

Another Flash movie website has been released for the upcoming film ‘Dorian Gray’. We love Flash websites when they’re used in the right context, and movies are the perfect medium. Although the...