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How will mobile first indexing affect your search results?

How will mobile first indexing affect your search results?

If you're concerned that Google's move to mobile first indexing might negatively affect your site's visibility and search engine ranking position, get in touch with us to find out how we can...

Live action isn't the only type of video content we create

#FalkonFriday – Punctuality, Pinstripes and a Trip O’er t’Pennines

Video content is veritable dynamite when it comes to engaging your audience. This week on #FalkonFriday we return from our Bank holiday & two take a roadtrip

YouTube Studio - Improved Metrics & New User Insights

YouTube Analytics Studio – Improved Metrics & New User...

The new tool, 'YouTube Studio' is now ready for release and will start to become the default dashboard for videographers to manage their videos

#FalkonFriday Episode 14 Birthdays, impressions and video tutorials

#FalkonFriday – Triple Birthdays, Impersonations & Tutorials

As Winter fights a gradually losing battle against the arrival of Spring, the Falkon team marked the passing of time by celebrating three birthdays in a single week.

wordpress falkon web design

WordPress the World Conquering CMS Hits a Major Milestone

Wordpress hits a significant milestone - achieving 30% market share across the world's top ten million websites, as reported by the W3Techs survey company.

#FalkonFriday beast from the east, video production, filming

#FalkonFriday – The ‘Beast From the East’, Video Production...

This week the Falkon team have been fending off the wintry onslaught caused by 'The Beast From The East' and indulging our passion for video production.

twitter bot spambots

Twitter vs. Spambots

Following recent action taken by Facebook and Google to clamp down on improper uses of their services. Twitter has followed suit and taken on the spambots.

disruptive ad google chrome

Google & Chrome vs. Annoying, Disruptive Ad Scourge

Eyeballs generate a lot of revenue and there's money to be made putting things in front of them. But 'disruptive ad' tactics will no longer be tolerated.

#FalkonFriday Episode 12

#FalkonFriday – Hot sauce, hot voiceover tech and hot...

#Falkon Friday is back with a vengeance, featuring pro voiceovers, video tech and very hot sauce.