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Page Rank Update – What does the recent PageRank Update Mean?

By Sadie on April 5, 2010

google page rank update

Page Rank Update – How Will It Affect You?

This weekend has seen a Page Rank update so what does that mean for you, your website and your SEO? We have seen our clients websites go up this quarter as our natural link building has been recognised. Falkon Digital have to keep a close eye on Google updates and algorithm changes so we noticed on Saturday the 3rd of April 2010 the Page Rank on many of our clients websites being updated.

The page rank update schedule predicts a Page Rank update every 3 to 4 months, the last PageRank was the weekend of the new year and many people predicted a Page Rank update on April fools day (due to Google’s quirky sense of humour), last year the Page Rank update in April was on April fools day but this month we saw April the 1st come and go with no update.

Although we expected a PageRank update, Google usually does it’s Page Rank updates and Algorithm updates on the weekends and true to form Google updated the Page Rank this weekend. We saw a lot of our clients Page Rank improve, this is due to the natural link building we do and the regular content updates that encourage more people to link to the site.

Having a good Page Rank will help you monitor the progress on your link portfolio with a mix of quality and the quantity of your links which will in turn help your SEO but a high Page Rank will not guarantee you a good position in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages), on the other hand, a low Page Rank does not mean you will not do well either. It is a combination of on page and off page work that will help improve your SEO.

We also noticed a few sites we visit regularly have lost pagerank or the page rank has stayed the same. This is due to the link building efforts being slowed down or stopped due to complacency, or the sites that link to them have lost PageRank which has been in turn passed through to the other websites.

Google PageRank changes every day as your site gets more links but officially updates the Page Rank quarterly.