Page Rank is dead! Or is it SEO is dead?

Page Rank is dead!

By Sadie on October 6, 2011


Most SEO‘s will tell you that page rank is useless and shouldn’t be relied upon as an indication of how well a site is doing but when the PageRank toolbar displayed all sites as being unranked it seems we all keep a close eye on these things.

PageRank determines a sites rank out of 10 and is mainly to do with the number and quality of links, as well as the age of the site etc ect. It was created at Google by Larry Page hence the name although is very fitting as each page on a site can display a different Page Rank as link juice is dispersed evenly and unevenly throughout the site.

Why is my site unranked?

Well… most people view PageRank using a plug in on their browser, these plugins get their information from a Google URL which takes you to

in this example 3rd party developers will have to change this to

so we get the correct information on our toolbars.

(Thanks to Dave Naylor for this update earlier)

Although this is a minor change the fact that so many of the Manchester SEO community have noticed it shows it still is integral in many SEO campaign, although in some cases it is just to feedback to the client.

PageRank has been used for years and many SEO’s have reverse engineered to work out some of the components that make up a PR for a website, however recently even Google has been putting less precedent on this area as they have not been so prompt with their quarterly PR updates.

At SEO Creative we tend to keep an eye on the PageRank but measure results more by increase in traffic, value of traffic, positions in the SERPs and a few other areas that are more site specific.We also prefer to use MozRank which updates more regularly and seems more accurate.