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Our top 20 best and worst celebrity moustaches

By Luke on October 31, 2013

Movember 2013 starts tomorrow, and so as a tribute we have chosen our top 20 best and worst celebrity moustaches. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Have we missed someone glaringly obvious!? Let us know your thoughts. See the results below:

The best moustaches


1. Hulk hogan

Hulk Hogan is famous for his blonde trucker style moustache, also known as the “horse shoe”. The moustache is like an iconic symbol of masculinity. It’s equally a part of him as his 20 inch biceps and his golden skin. Could you imagine what he would look like without it?


2. Tom Selleck

Another symbol of masculinity, Tom Selleck has been rocking a moustache since before the hit TV series “Magnum PI” which first aired in 1980. The moustache gets shaved off occassionally, but he looks odd – like a car without wing mirrors.



3. Jude Law

An unusual one – Jude Law grew a moustache for the role of Dr Watson in the latest Sherlock Holmes films starring alongside Robert Downey Jr (also featured in this list). Surprisingly, it rather suits him.




4. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has had a lot of different facial hair styles over the years, mainly for different film roles. However the style that suits him best is definitely the muskateer style moustache and goatee combo that he seems to favour in between roles.



5. Colin Farrell

Similar to Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell rarely sports a lone moustache as it is often combined with either designer stubble or chin hair. Although he has had bigger moustaches for film roles, again he seems to favour the combo style outside of work.



6. Freddie Mercury

An icon in the music industry and the lead singer of English rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury was well known for his tache (not unlike fellow band member Brian May for his curly head of hair). The moustache looked best when he was dressed as a housewife in the video “I want to break free”.



7. Robert Downey Jr

Perhaps best known now as “Tony Stark” from the Marvel movie Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr normally has a designer moustache and goatee combo. However as you can see from the image, occassionally he will go for for the moustache only look too.



8. Will Ferrell

Ron Burgundy is the well groomed news reader of the San Diego channel 4 news team’ in the film Anchorman. Played by Will Ferrell, Ron Burgandy’s moustache is perfect for the 1970’s based film where essentially he plays an egotisitcal, misogynistic and narcissistic news reader.



9. Burt Reynolds

Oscar winner Burt Reynolds is another actor that most people automatically think of when asked to name a celebrity with a moustache. His most notable roles include Bandit in “Smokey and the Bandit” and Jack Horner in “Boogie Nights”.



10. Clarke Gable

Probably best known for his role as Rhett Butler in the film “Gone with the wind”, Clarke Gable often played gentleman roles alongside some of the most famous leading ladies of his time. This was clearly down to his epic moustache.


The worst moustaches


1. Mel Gibson

Don’t worry, the star of Hollywood films such as Lethal Weapon isn’t making a fashion statement, he grew this tache for a film based in the 1800’s called “The Colonel”. Although impressive, we’re not really a fan. Sorry Mel.



2. Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon was the latest character invention of “Leigh Francis”, and his moustache was perhaps intentionally creepy. However as this becomes his most commonly used persona, we have to put this at #2 in the worst moustache list.



3. Borat

Another intentionally creepy moustache, Borat is a TV talking head from Kazakhstan played by brain child Sacha Baron Cohen. Unfortunately I can’t quote his “I liiiike” catchphrase for this one.



4. Luke Wilson

Hollywood star and brother to Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson is normally a clean cut individual. In this picture he does actually look like he comes from his home town of Dallas, Texas, however there is no denying that he looks better without a tache.



5. Michael C Hall

Another actor that is normally clean shaven for his role in the popular series, Dexter, Michael C Hall is seen here with a moustache and soul patch combo. We’re not sure if this was for an acting role or if he was trying out some new styles, but we give it a thumbs down.



6. Oliver Hardy

One of the famous duo that make up “Laurel & Hardy”, Oliver Hardy has the thin square moustache. Not the most stylish at the best of times, but Hitler kind of reduced the popularity of the look.



7. Orlando Bloom

In fairness, Orlando Bloom can look pretty darned good with a moustache as seen in films such as Pirates of the Carribean. Perhaps then we’re being a bit harsh, but when we came across this picture (left) we had to add him to our list.



8. Michael Cera

Yep, this one is creepy but again perhaps deliberately so. Michael Cera has grown this tache to play the role of a villain in the new film “Youth in Revolt”. It does however make me very curious to see the film.



9. Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon opted for the “pencil line” moustache to play the role of a creepy private investigator in the comedy “Something about Mary”. He pulls it off very well, but definitely not a look for outside of the filming schedule!


10. Ben Stiller

Last but not least, it’s the moustache of White Goodman played by Ben Stiller in the film Dodgeball. Stiller favours this type of moustache when playing a villain, and you can see him with it in a number or roles. Works well, but definitely on our worst list.