Online Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Online Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

By Sadie on August 31, 2010

SEO’s Manchester are often asked about the best way to market your business online and offline but depending on your business it can be difficult to come up with a definitive solution. When running a business marketing is essential to attract new business, but what is better online marketing or more traditional forms of marketing?

We have recently been looking after an Online Marketing Campaign which involved pushing a concept and brand awareness to a particular demographic over a number of weeks. This is unusual as many of our online marketing campaigns are more long term than a few weeks as SEO is a longer process and can take a few months to take effect.

This particular campaign was run a long side a more traditional campaign of Radio and poster advertising so it was interesting to see how the two worked together. Unfortunately in this case there were issues with client approval that meant that the campaigns were not in complete synergy, however the campaign was very successful and surpassed all expectations.

When looking through the hits to the site it was quite obvious which areas of marketing had been more influential at particular times. From a cross examination of the data we could see that in this case apart from a seperate area of the campaign that was hosted elsewhere the Radio advertising that was broadcast at particular times of the week were very successful. So what is better? Online Marketing or Traditional Marketing?

In this case they had a particular geographic target therefore local radio was very influential but if this is not the case it can be very expensive to use Radio or Television to spread a message, although can be very powerful if you get it right. Traditional Marketing has been tried and tested and experts in this area can help you get the best for your money depending on your marketing targets however these forms of marketing are very expensive and over the years Radio and TV have become less influential in certain areas.

Online marketing has seen a big boost as many people spend long hours on the internet and often use search engines to recommend suppliers. The amount of spend for an online marketing campaign is a lot lower on average to a traditional marketing campaign, although you can be limited with many Pay Per Click and affiliate models to the amount of exposure you get, for example once your budget is spent you will not get any more exposure whereas a radio or TV advert can reach millions although it is not guaranteed.

Online marketing is a much more cost effective way to market your business however if you do have the budget it is worth looking into a campaign that incorporates both as they can work very well together.