Next Manchester SEO Meetup #MancSEO

Next Manchester SEO Meetup #MancSEO

By Joanne on

Manchester SEO Meetup

Always here to keep you updated on the goings on of the Manchester SEO community we have the latest news on the Manchester SEO meetup for November.

The Manchester SEO meetups are typically at the end of every month where the very close knit community of SEO’s in and around Manchester get togehter for light refreshments and delicate chit chat… or so we are led to believe.

This month’s Manchester SEO meetup has kindly be organised by our own neighbours Gareth Hoyle SEO/Manual Link Building who have arranged the meet up to be on Thursday the 25th of November at the Manchester Christmas Market. This has to be the best Manchester SEO meetup as it is an excuse for everyone to get mulled wine, german beers and hog sandwiches!

The plan is to meet at the beer huts on Brazennose Street at around 6pm then weather provided and who turns up the meetp wil move around the market or to the nearest warm pub or bar. This will be the last Manchester SEO meetup of 2010 and should be a good event to get everyone excited for Christmas!

We are not sure how many of the SEO Creative team will make this meetup as we have had our busiest month with tight deadlines on Xmas e-cards as well as having a heavily pregnant Account Director who is usually the biggest drinker and advocate of the SEO meetups. If we don’t see you there have a great time and follow the #mancseo hashtag on Twitter to keep up to date with where everyone is and other SEO Manchester news.

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