New Year New Website Design

New Year New Website Design

By Sadie on December 2, 2009

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As the end of this decade draws near it becomes a time for nostalgia, reflection, and change, Falkon Digital will be celebrating in style with some design updates to our site and we will be offering deals for the New Year to re design your own site. Keep dropping by for more information.

Website Design should be revisited every few years, the Internet moves so quickly that websites can look out dated very quickly, so if your site is a few years old you may be in need of a re design. Not all sites will need a redesign after 2 or 3 years but you should always keep your options open and question your site design.

Is your site easy to navigate around?

Ask a friend who doesn’t use your site to find certain areas, like contact us, ask them to purchase something etc tasks you would want your users to manage with ease. If your friend has trouble completing these tasks you may need to look at a simpler navigation and web design.

Does Your Website reflect your business?

If your site is a few years old, your business may have evolved in this time meaning your website may not show all of the services you provide or may be an out of date representation of your brand.

Does Your Website Compare To Your Competitor’s sites?

If your industry is fast pacing, your competitors may have redesigned their websites, leaving yours looking slightly outdated. Customers tend to browse around a few websites before deciding which one they want to go with so if they feel your site is out of date they will trust another more up to date site more.

The New Year is a good time to revisit your current website and look at whether you need a new web design, things to look out for are high bounce rates in your analytics, ease of navigation, anything that is out of date or not up to date, as well as your competitors. By using your analytics you can view exit pages and funnels to monitor the way visitors use your site this will help your web designer improve upon an existing design or start a fresh design for a new start!

Falkon Digital has only been up a few months, but we felt our site needed some tweaks to make it more user-friendly and offer more examples of our services. We will roll these changes out this week but a new website design does not always mean a complete redesign.

At Falkon Digital we try to take into consideration your competitors and your industry when building and designing your website. We try to make your site as futureproof as possible and allow for your business to grow by building content management systems so you can keep your content up to date.

The typical January lull after Christmas and the sales is the perfect time to get your new website up and running and give your business a good reason to shout about how good you are in press releases and email marketing. Contact us for our New Year New Website offers to see what we can do for you.