New web suffix's, Next big.thing?

New web suffix’s, Next big.thing?

By Jonathan on January 11, 2012

As of tomorrow, Thursday 12th January 2012, anybody will be able to register any domain suffix they want for £119,00. Since the launch of the dot com address in 1985 the biggest suffix’s launched have been country suffix’s. This was up until last year when .xxx was opened and boasts 250,000 registered domains since April.

There has already been a lot of interest in these top level domains (TLD) by pepsi, who are allegedly looking at buying .pepsi so they can run their drink.pepsi campaign. Along with others Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, is said the town hall has the intention of buying .london. Cities such as New York, Paris, Sydney, Berlin and Rome are also looking at purchasing the according TLD.

All applicants have until the 12th April 2012 to sign up before undergoing an 8 month evaluation process, the first new TLD’s expect to be seen in 2013. The evaluation process is claimed to consist of a grueling 50 questions from Icann, which has been used to deter fraudulent buyers purchasing large organisation domains, such as ‘.cocacola’. Over 40 of the worlds largest organisations, such as The coca-cola company, have already expressed their concerns about the TLD. Concerns include cost of internet expansions, possibility of confusing customers and increasing the risk of internet fraud.

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