New SEO Creative website is launched!

New SEO Creative website is launched!

By Luke on August 23, 2009

The SEO Creative website went live today, as with most companies we have been focusing on client work so the final development of our website took a while to get finished. But we’ve been working overtime to get the site up and running with examples of recent work including flash games, branding and website design.

A lot of SEO companies work against design, removing flash and images for content that is not necessarily aimed at the end user, this means the sites do well in the search engines but don’t always convert well. We work hard to produce good website design with SEO friendly websites, this way yur site will get the traffic you need from the Search Engines as well as being appealing and user friendly, which should increase conversions through the site.

The new SEO Creative website has been designed so that you can navigate around all the areas easily and see examples of projects we have worked on. You can keep up to date with all of our news, new jobs, industry news, and new work by subscribing to our blog or following us on Facebook and Twitter.

In the next few months we are also adding our shop where you can buy photography and vector images to use.