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New SEO Creative Office

By Sadie on October 18, 2010

SEO Manchester

Although SEO Creative are primarily a Manchester SEO Company we are actually based in Knutsford. The company formed around 18 months ago, of which we have been trading full time for about a year now. You’ve probably noticed we have been a bit quiet recently and this is because we have been building a new office of which we moved in properly this morning.

We started off as a home based company with founder Luke Sherran working from home in Knutsford it wasn’t long before the amount of work coming in was too much for just one person and Luke started to work with other reputable freelancers on a regular basis. He was soon joined full time by myself and we worked from home liaising with clients and freelancers to produce excellent websites and SEO campaigns.

As we grew as a company we soon needed more regular staff and Joanne joined us part time as our content manager and social media guru. As you can imagine working from home isn’t ideal as we often had 4 freelancers working from our dining table. However we didn’t want to completely change our business model as we offer competitive prices as we have much lower overheads to other SEO’s in Manchester.

We decided to convert an old unused garage into an Office, this started off about 2 months ago and the garage was a spider infested mess, we thought about knocking it down and rebuilding an office but we found because the garage was built by a working mechanic who was in their a lot, it was actually built with reinforced concrete, had a good electric supply and good floor and insulated roof. So we decided to work on the existing building.

2 Months later and we have finally moved in just in time to welcome Steve who is joining us full time as a multimedia developer. As we expand this office allows us plenty of room for more full time staff and our freelancers can hot desk on the spare computers.

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