New eLearning developer

New eLearning developer

By Sadie on November 15, 2010

SEO Creative have always had a good Flash development team and a background in eLearning, Managing Director Luke Sherran has over 8 years experience in eLearning and eDetailing for training tools for Private sector, Public sector and the Pharmaceutical industry.

Although the core business of SEO Creative is SEO and Web design we have found many companies have been coming to us for help in building elearning materials either as a development project or just consultation as Luke has been able to offer guidance to other agencies on ways to set up frameworks as well as trouble shooting common problems.

As this area of the business expanded we decided to push it even more by recruiting an individual who is not only a multimedia developer bit also someone who has this rare experience in elearning.

Stephen Ludgate has recently joined us and although he is good with PHP, MySQL and web development the main body of his past work is in elearning and Flash development. Stephen used to work for the Net Agency a company that built a range of eLearning software, mostly for secondary education at Key stage 4 and 5. Stephens work has even been nominated for a BETT award.

We have kept him very busy this month working on projects for the private sector ranging on sales training tools to interactive Flash development.