Morning breath inc website

Morning breath inc website

By Sadie on September 17, 2009

Screenshot of the morning breath website portfolio

If I’m completely honest I had never actually heard of Morning Breath until very recently, although I found that I was very familiar with their work. They are a creative design studio based in New York that originally started out in San Francisco collaborating in Skateboard designs, and eventually forming Morning Breath in 2002.

They have a very recognisable style, consisting of a grungey / graffiti look to their designs. Although they started off in skateboarding, they have since moved on to fashion, advertising, gaming and even the music industry. This is where I personally recognise most of their work, having done album covers for Eminem, Jimmy Eat World, AFI, De La Soul and Kanye West.

Their website isn’t great in terms of SEO and usability, however the do have 50 samples of their work which are very interesting. If you haven’t already, I recommend that you check them out by clicking on this link: