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Meet our Junior Website Designer

By Sadie on February 27, 2014

rob loseby web designerFalkon Digital are proud to announce our new Junior Website designer Robson Loseby. Although Robson has been with us for a while as an apprentice he has become a valuable member of the team, and we are happy to welcome him as full time member of the team.

We took Rob on as an apprentice, he was our second apprenctice on the Oldham University Apprentice scheme, and working with Rob has showed that there are some very talented, hard working individuals going through the process.


Robson has been on a steep learning curve adapting to commercial website design quickly. We  offered him a cash incentive for the first time his work was chosen by a client over our senior designers’ work to which he managed to fleece us on very quickly.

We were not only impressed by his emerging design skills but also his attitude, unlike many web designers Robson shows an understanding for business and this reflects in his commercial work as he questions whether a design will ‘sell’.

All of these skills are great but his ability to fit into our small team and join in with the banter has meant that he is now part of the Falkon family. We were tempted to promote him to Chief brew maker as his tea and coffee skills are second to none, however as he continues to improve his design skills we thought he was ideal for a junior designer role and why not recruit someone who already has proven their worth and is respected within the team.

Robson is pleased about being taken on as a full time web designer and the promotion has given him a new lease of life showing even more enthusiasm in the recent web design projects he is working on.

“I have learnt a lot at Falkon Digital and pleased about being given more responsibility in the company, I am looking forward to broadening my skill set and feel that this has given my career a boost”

Rob has already started working on designs for responsive websites and we have high hopes for Robs career within the company. This includes diversifying his skill set to front end development and he has shown an interest in Photography and Video which we will help him develop with our in house Photographer.

We hope that we can help Rob’s career progress within the company as we start to take on more staff beneath him and he is given more creative responsibility.

We are on the look out for more members of staff to join our team, if you are interested in working with us have a look at our careers page for our latest opportunities.