May the fourth be with you, Star Wars Day fun | Falkon Digital

May the fourth be with you!

By Sadie on May 4, 2014

Happy May the fourth, and Star Wars Day we are all a little bit geeky and proud in the Falkon Digital office so to celebrate the bank holiday weekend, May the fourth we thought we would share our favourite images of Stormtroopers taken by our in house photographer.

Happy Star Wars Day!

Although the team like to keep fit and eat healthy, our resident stormtroopers often tempt us with sweets and treats.


TD-421 and TD-422 are always fighting over the best grid system to implement for responsive designs.


But they like to have a bit of fun doing their favourite calculations on their favourite measurements.


With the World Cup just around the corner TD-421 and TD-422 are getting their practice in enforcing the rules of the game.

TD-422 was handing out red cards over anything

The Falkon team is a family run business with ‘head honcho’ Luke and ‘the real boss’ Sadie having a young family. TD-421 and TD-422 are always at hand with ways to keep the little ones quiet. We often hear TD-421 tell TD-422 that these are not the babies we are looking for- we feel the force is strong in the next generation of Falkon chicks.

office Stormtroopers getting ready for the new arrival

Oh no TD-421 and TD-422 are at it again, this time they are arguing about Matt Cutts being the true identity of the Emperor.


Left over eggs from Easter? Never fear TD-421 and TD-422 deliveries will take them away for their new project, the death Egg.

Stormtrooper Kinder Egg Surprise

If you wanted to know who was harder out of TD-421 and TD-422, well there is a clear winner here…


As it is a bank holiday, you may be nursing a hangover, or spent all night coding, either way TD-421 and TD-422 are at hand to make you a strong coffee. Enjoy…