Matt Cutts: We're working on the UK SERPs

Matt Cutts: We’re working on the UK SERPs

By Joanne on April 28, 2010

Manchester SEO Shane Jones asked Matt Cutts the questions most UK SEO Companies have been asking – what is going on with the UK SERPs? Here is Matt’s Video response…

The UK SERPs have been messed up for months and have been returning American results such as spellings as well as some very random results from other countries. This has been very frustrating for SEO’s in the UK as we don’t want to optimise our sites for American spellings just for rankings as this will affect the users visit and make the site look as tough it has spelling mistakes in it. However Google hasn’t been picking up the British spellings so many SEO’s have become frustrated with Google.

Shane Jones, SEO and Social Media Manager from Manchester asked:

“You have probably had this question 10 times before but whats the deal with the state of the UK SERPS? There is (still) huge buzz around international results outranking country specific searches.”

Matt has admitted that this is a problem and from the feedback people are sending through they are looking into this problem more. He also mentions he thinks other countries should be featured in the UK SERP’s if applicable, but that admittedly they are getting their head round UK terminologies to make the searches more relevant to the UK audience.