Matt Cutts talks about link building

Matt Cutts talks about link building

By Sadie on

Matt Cutts is one of the more sociable faces of Google and every so often he pops up on the Google webmaster central blog with some useful tips on SEO and improving your website.

SEO Creative are a Manchester SEO Company that pride themselves on being ethical in link building and many Matt Cutts tips in this video are simialr to our own techniques. Many SEO companies use paid links or a link farm which is not good for SEO, although they can work if done properly but usually have a shorter shelf life if a competitor were to report you for link spam.

We try to use more natural link building techniques such as good content and link bait. These are similar to the methods Matt Cutts talks about in a recent Google video on building links.

Matt advises (as Google would) to go down the route of good informative content and also goes into a lot of detail on why every company should have a blog if they want to encourage links!

Matt Cutts explains that unique informative and helpful content will be found by people and they will link to you in return for you giving them the useful information. This may be because they want to find your site again or recommend your advice to colleagues. Either way this is one of the best ways to get inbound ethical links and they are usually relevant.

Matt also goes on to show how social media can play an important part in a link building campaign and help your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), really his advice is obvious, if your target audience spend a lot of hours a day on facebook or Twitter then you should dedicate some time to these sites to put your site in front of the right people. This in turn will encourage links, although many social media sites nofollow links exposure to the right people will encourage other links.

Watch the video on link building and hopefully it will help your site improve and do well in Google, but if you need help and advice SEO Creative can help you with your ethical link building campaign.

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