Manchester SEO Meet Up

Manchester SEO Meet Up

By Sadie on

SEO’s in Manchester regularly get together for meet ups, and general socialising, it is a good chance to meet other SEO’s in the area and share knowledge as well as have a bit of fun.

These meet ups are a regular occurance in Manchester and came about from a LinkedIn Group called Manchester SEO, the members of are all SEO’ers in the area and most work for some really impressive agencies. The next meet up is on the 28th of January and the group and meet ups in Manchester seem to be getting more and more popular. The last one was before Christmas where everyone met up at the German Market.

No SEO meet up would be the same without refreshing beverages afterwards, but this time SEO Manchester are planning on holding talks and having speakers discuss SEO and Industry changes. I think this will be a good meeting to go to but unfortunately SEO Creative are double booked that night and have another Networking event to go to so we are missing out :(.

A lot of Industries are very competitive, but apart from a few companies, most SEO’s have a mutual respect for each other, also the SEO community can often pull together sharing experiences and techniques online – without giving too much away. Manchester and the North West have always been a typically friendly community so I wonder how things are in other Areas, are their London SEO piss ups?

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