Manchester Creative Agencies Beat Credit Crunch

Manchester Creative Agencies Beat Credit Crunch

By Steve on April 17, 2010

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When the Credit Crunch hit, many forecasted doom and gloom for business but Manchester SEO companies and web design agencies have proved you can succeed in a recession.

It’s hard to believe but SEO Creative has only been going a short time, still in our first year and the website only went live in September 2009, but even in a recession we have seen an extraordinary growth and have helped both SME’s and larger agencies combine Search Engine Marketing with Creative websites and Viral Marketing Campaigns. It seems in the recession it is more important than ever that you put your budget into the right area and SEO and online marketing is the most cost effective form of marketing at the moment.

SEO Creative is not the only Manchester Agency that has done well in the recession and it is good to see that up north we can still do well even when economy critics are so negative. Many Manchester digital agencies have taken on more staff this year and companies like Fluid Creativity, Code Computer Love, Creative Lynx are all thriving and not only winning so much business they are expanding, but are actually winning awards for their work.

We are really pleased that other Manchester Digital and Creative Agencies are doing so well as it pushes the rest of us to produce better websites and think up better marketing campaigns. The quality of work that comes from the North West is just as good if not better than our southern competitors, and this is proven with the recent BBC move up to Media City in Manchester!