Manage Your Reputation Using SEO - Reputation Management

Manage Your Reputation Using SEO – Reputation Management

By Sadie on December 7, 2009

Manage Your Reputation Using SEO - Reputation Management

As social networking has exploded onto the internet user-generated content has given the masses a voice, this is good until someone launches a hate campaign against your brand, so how can SEO help companies manage their reputation online?

At Falkon Digital we believe that there is more to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) than just positions in the search engines, and one of the things that contribute to a well rounded SEO Campaign is reputation management.


What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is a new buzz word that has come about as companies turn to Internet marketing companies and SEO’s to monitor and manage their brand image. Any company that tries to advertise to the masses will attract attention, this could be good or bad but since blogs,  and social media have become popular it is easy for these opinions to be made public.

This is great when someone sets up a fan page about their favourite brand or company but more often than not the public talk about bad experiences. I myself am guilty of this and it is a true saying that ‘when you have a good experience you may tell one person, but if you have a bad experience you tell everyone’. When this phrase was first uttered, it could mean friends and family would hear about a bad experience but today, someone on the other side of the world could read a bad review. This has the potential to be very damaging to a company, especially if it goes viral as other people retweet the bad experience, link to it and write about it and in some cases, a bad review can be higher in the search engines for a brand name than the company’s website.


How Can SEO Help With Reputation Management?

As part of an SEO campaign, your SEO Company will be looking to protect your brand name, it is very rare that you will be able to remove bad reviews or comments but your SEO consultant will be able to do other things. You can set up positive sites that will attract more attention than the negative sites and use SEO techniques to push the negative results down so fewer people will see it.

There are many things your SEO consultant can advise if you find someone has been bad mouthing your company but the most important thing is that it is monitored and managed and you know about these comments. If there is any truth in the comments then it can improve your business to address them.