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Make Your Brand the Hero of the Story!

By Sadie on October 25, 2017

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Brand storytelling in marketing is nothing new, but it is still as effective as ever, with new technologies, social platforms and influencer marketing there are more ways of getting your brand story out there, but are you the hero or just an extra!

Brand development

Brand development doesn’t stop after the logo has been designed, brand development is much more. Developing your brand includes where it fits in the market, the brand ethos, the brand story…

Many marketing consultants make the mistake of not scripting out a brand story when producing content, what is the purpose of the content, does it tell a story or is it useful, does it fit in with the brand?

We have seen many good campaigns where brands have just been shoehorned into content, sometimes the brand is irrelevant but the pictures are nice, sometimes the brand is part of product placement but is easy to miss, sometimes the brand is targetting completely the wrong audience and misses the point. We don’t need to name and shame, just look through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, blogs and you will see thousands of examples where the brand has been added in without the proper consideration of how it is part of the wider narrative.

Strategic Storytelling

Brand storytelling should have a strategy, not just wouldn’t this make a nice picture, or this influencer has lots of followers lets get them to include the brand.

When creating a narrative you have to go back to basics, who is the brand, who buys the brand and how can we make people fall in love with the brand.

Accountants to Zip manufacturers everyone has an audience and a brand story, the strategy comes from what that story is and how to get that story on the right shelves!

Where does your target audience hang out, who are their influencers, what can get their attention and get them to relate to you?

Making your brand the Hero

Whether you offer a service or a product, there is something you can do that in a certain situation will save the day! Are you a fashion retailer that has that perfect outfit and same day delivery for an emergency? Are you a recruitment agency that can find that ideal candidate to grow your business? Maybe you have a new drink in a new flavour that quenches thirst and get fussy people drinking more…
whatever you provide, there is an audience and a story to tell.

We work with your brand to find your story, the story that will relate to the right audience and the right way of delivering the message where you end up the hero.

If you feel like your brand is nothing more than an extra in its own story, or even worse a villain… then speak to us we can help!