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Boosting product sales in Magento

By Falkon Digital on November 1, 2017


Assigning related products, up-sells and cross-sells to your Magento inventory


Magento is a Falkon favourite; it’s a powerful ecommerce platform which incorporates numerous useful features to make sure your products are presented to your customers at the appropriate time and place.

One of the ways Magento helps you sell more is by allowing you to select products to show to users of your site based on what they’re already buying or might be interested in buying.

For instance; if a site user has clicked through to a listing for a set of ‘red cat roller-skate’s, you might want them to see that ‘blue cat roller-skates’ (a colour/brand alternative) or even ‘cat roller-blades’ (a more premium product line) are also available. Once they’ve selected a product and are at the checkout, you might want to remind the user of something associated with the item they’re about to buy, such as ‘cat crash helmets’ or ‘pet insurance’.

Magento has the following three options, which allow you to define the items to display to customers interested in any particular product.


Related Products

If the customer opens a product for more information, he/she will be shown other products which may also be of interest to buy as well as the one they’re looking at already. This option allows you to tell Magento which products it should suggest alongside any particular item.


If the site user is looking at a particular item and you have a more premium version of it, or a more expensive alternative, then this option allows you to tell Magento to display these alongside the product they selected.


Once the customer has selected any items to buy and navigates to the checkout to make their purchase, Magento can be told to be present other items they might like to buy based on the products already in their basket. The cross-sell option, therefore, allows you to define which products to suggest based on what item or items the customer has selected.


How to associate products in Magento

Using the above three options to tell Magento which items it should display alongside others is fairly straightforward. The process is as follows;


  • Log into your Magento admin panel


  • From the available options at the top of the window, single click ‘catalog’ to open a drop-down menu and select the first option – ‘Manage Products’.




  • You’ll now be presented with your complete catalogue, from here, simply select the first product you’d like to link to another as a related item, by clicking on its listing.


  • Once the product has opened up, you’ll see a list of options in blue boxes along the left edge of the screen. For what you’re trying to achieve here, there are two options you’re interested in – ‘Related Products’ ‘Up-sells’ and ‘Cross-sells’. All of them are defined in more or less the same way, but, as mentioned earlier, display related products in different places, select the option you want to define with a single click;


  • Whether you’re defining ‘related products’, ‘up-sells’ or ‘cross-sells’, for any particular product, you’ll now be asked to tell Magento which product or products to show users alongside it.

Magento catalog


The box is blank by default, you can choose to show all your products by changing the ‘Yes’ in the top left drop box to ‘any’ and click ‘search’ (one of the orange buttons on the right). You can search by ID, Name, SKU, price etc if you know the information for the product or products you’re searching for.

 For example, the initial item we selected was the ‘Purrfect posture’ brand Roller skates for cats, so if we enter the word ‘Cat’ in the ‘Name’ box and hit search, this will bring up every other item which has ‘Cat’ in its name.

 Magento Catalog list


  • From your list of your products (either filtered or unfiltered), select any/all you’d like to associate with the item you picked initially, by ticking the box in the leftmost column.


  • Once you’re happy with your selection/s, click ‘save and continue edit’ (the orange upper right button) to lock in what you’ve done, but keep the initially selected item open (so you can pick other associations or make other changes). Alternatively, if you’ve done with that product, click ‘save’ to take you back to your complete catalogue listing.


It’s worth pointing out that if we’d chosen to associate the roller-boots and knee pads with the roller-skates we had originally selected, the roller-boots wouldn’t automatically show the roller-skates and the knee pads in its own product listing. The associations with each product have to be set up individually.


We hope this has been a useful reminder of some of the things Magento can do to help you boost your sales. If you’d like to discuss these or other e-commerce optionsget in touch today.

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