Magento Ecommerce Websites

Magento Ecommerce Websites

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Ecommerce websites are the most effective way of making money online, but very few Ecomerce websites are SEO friendly, if your site is found in the search engines it won’t be fulfilling its potential. SEO Creative usually use Magento Ecommerce platforms to build an online shop because it is the most SEO friendly of all systems and is open source.

When deciding on an Ecommerce platform to use we looked at a lot of systems out there and did some research into why Magento is so much better than over Ecommerce systems in terms of SEO.

Magento is Open source it is constantly being worked on and improved by a community of developers, which is constntly growing, this community also offers a lot of support and resources for any customisations and modifications you may want to make.

Magento was developed by experienced programmers who have worked on many different Ecommerce websites so the combined knowledge uses best practice and resources of what works and what is needed, not just for SEO but also in terms of usability, and conversions of traffic to sale.

The admin area of Magento is very user friendly it has clearly laid out tabs and search facilities and we find it easy to explain to even our least technical clients so they can manage and maintain the website themselves.

Advantages of Magento

  • Create dynamic sitemaps through the admin area so the sitemap is updated every time you add a product page
  • Enables Server URL rewrites – meaning you can make your URLs to SEO friendly very easily
  • A large community for support and research
  • Nearly 2,o00 extensions and plug ins to compliment your Magento Ecommerce website
  • A growing online community of developers to keep the platform up to date and the programming cutting edge
  • User friendly back end system means even technophobes can update and mange the site
  • Ability to edit Meta Tags throughout the site including product and category pages
  • Will link up with all payment gateways including paypal and Protx
  • Ability to resolve canonicalisation issues through htaccess file

Disadvantages of Magento

  • Requires a higher package of  hosting and access, for example database, htaccess, cpanel, and server space is necessary
  • Difficult to customise unless you are a developer

A Magento Ecommerce website is one of the best Ecommerce systems out there, and being open source you only need to pay for a designer and developers time to get the site up and running this means it is a low cost and excellent way to sell products online.

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  1. Magento eCommerce

    Another benefit of Magento being open source is the fact that it means the platform can be completely customised to your needs. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities.