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Local SEO Services

By Sadie on February 27, 2012

Local SEO services

For some businesses investing a lot of money in SEO for generic keywords may not be the best solution, if you offer a local service or product then it is easier and more cost effective use local SEO services.

SEO Services

Our SEO services are not just about optimising some content on your home page and building back links, we look at your business model, website performance and budget to create a bespoke SEO service that will work for you. SEO services can incorporate all aspects of internet marketing from content writing, link building, virals and even social media, the way that SEO is changing means the umbrella that covers SEO is getting larger and SEO companies are adapting.

Local SEO Services

There are a few ways you can optimise your site for local customers and these often have a better conversion rate as well as being a cheaper alternative to a long term campaign which means it can be much better value for money depending on your business model.

Google Local

Google Local is the places box that often appears in Google above the natural search listings. It can be used as a business listing and can also be optimised, your google local posting needs monitoring and optimised for the best results as you can be hijacked if you are not careful. However a good SEO consultant can help you get the best from your listing in terms of click throughs, reputation management and top placements.

Geographical targeting

Another area of local SEO services is your keyword choice and targeting geographical locations using long tail keywords. For example we are a SEO company, therefore optimising our site for ‘SEO’ seems like a good idea. However ‘SEO’ is a very competitive keyword and first page positions would take significant time and investment.

We are based near Manchester and we work with a lot of agencies in Manchester therefore optimising for the keyword SEO Manchester is an easier keyword to get results much quicker and with a better conversion rate as a lot of Manchester agencies like to work with a local SEO company.

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