Keep Calm And Carry On Linking

Keep Calm And Carry On Linking

By Sadie on April 27, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking

In light of Google’s recent over optimisation penalties and SERPs drops due to bad links many people may think that links are dead, but in truth good links are more important than ever so by the orders of Messrs SEO Creative and Media Pro we implore you to Keep Calm and carry on Linking.

Instead of bad spammy links it is perhaps a new era of give and take, give good content and get good links, give link love back and the linking gods of karma will see you right.

A good portfolio of links is a great way of ensuring good traffic and search results, a diverse link portfolio can be made up of followed, and no followed links as well as links from low PR sites or sites that are not as relevant but in context they make sense. Links that are just stuffed into a website look unnatural and de value both websites.

If you want to look at new ways to get links for your website then revise your whole marketing strategy.

Are links dead?

In my opinion links are still very much alive and kicking they are just changing in the way lniks and gestures are being weighted.