Junior PHP web developer wanted

Junior PHP web developer wanted

By Falkon Digital on May 26, 2010

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We now have an opportunity for a junior PHP web developer to join our team. Check out the full description on our jobs page: Junior PHP web developer

This is a full time position we’re offering, with a competitive salary based upon experience. It would be perfect for a student fresh out of University or a young programmer with limited experience, as this will be a learning role with training offered in SEO (search engine optimisation), OpenSource platforms like WordPress, and ecommerce systems like Magento. Experience in any of these would be desirable, but certainly not essential. As long as the candidate has a good working knowledge of PHP, and basic web skills such as XHTML, CSS, and XML supported with examples of their work, they will be considered for the role.

The role will also include a diverse range of day to day tasks (check out the job page for more information), projects and clients, so it is a great opportunity to build experience within the industry.

Additionally, the position has a lot of flexibility with working hours and there is the opportunity to work from home on some days. Most of our regular freelancers work remotely unless otherwise required, so this is something we are open to. Contact us for more information about this.

If this sounds interesting to you or you know a possible candidate, contact us.

Check out the full description on our jobs page: Junior PHP web developer