Join the Empire - It's lots of fun!

Join the Empire – It’s lots of fun!

By Steve on October 19, 2010

First post for for the new team member of SEO Creative – Stephen Ludgate. I have been working with SEO Creative for some time now as a freelancer, but have just joined full time, helping to boost the company’s knowledge and expertises in web developement, Flash programming, photography and video editing.

Part of my working conditions was that I had to bring my two friends TD-421 and TD-422 (Star Wars Stormtroopers) with me. Unfortunately their constant arguing has gotten in the way of me settling in, but it does allow me some great shots around the office!

They were all taken with a Canon EOS 40D with natural lighting in the new office space, and post production done within Adobe Lightroom 3.

First image I caught, I think they were in the middle of a full mount “ground and pound”, inspired by the recent MMA expo Luke attended in London the other day.