Jeremy Kyle is... more funny Google suggestions

Jeremy Kyle is… more funny Google suggestions

By Steve on February 4, 2010

Google suggestions for the term "Jeremy Kyle is a..."

I can’t even remember what it was that I was searching for today, but most likely it was something to do with the fact that the keyword #jeremykyle was trending today in UK Twitter trends. As I started to enter Jeremy Kyle’s name, Google’s suggestions really made me laugh and so I thought I would share it.

The above image is just a few of the many suggestions I found, but here are a few of my personal favourites!

Jeremy Kyle is a marked man
Jeremy Kyle is dead
Jeremy Kyle is not human
Jeremy Kyle is full of s**t
Jeremy Kyle is my love child
Jeremy Kyle punched my nan

Have a search for yourself and see what else you can find. I must be turning into an uber-geek now to have found this all so amusing! If you find any other good ones then let me know.