iStock Drop Flash from Main Navigation

iStock Drop Flash from Main Navigation

By Steve on June 1, 2012

On my weekly/monthly task to log into iStock to ‘collect’ my free assets of the week/month I noticed that their Flash section has been removed from the main header navigation.  Flash has been replaced by their new Editorial section (similar to their Getty Images content of relevant and ‘editorial’ shots).

iStock drop Flash from Main Navigation

You can still access the Flash files by using other navigation such as the search and footer navigation. IStock’s “free files of the month” has also had the same Flash game for the past few months, and now this move shows iStock’s steady decline in supplying Flash animations and Flash games.

Do you supply iStock with Flash animations, what are your thoughts on this top level change by them? Are you continuing Flash development like ourselves? We are finding clients requiring a project compiled in Flash is usually when they need something complex which cannot be completed with HTML5 and Javascript, or offline such as a Flash CD or USB application.

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