Is Social Media Killing Off Email Marketing

Is Social Media Killing Off Email Marketing

By Sadie on May 29, 2012

social media and email marketing

Social Media is so popular that Facebook and Twitter are becoming the easiest way for businesses and consumers to communicate, has Social Media marketing replaced the need for email marketing?

Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing integrates all forms of Social Media, not just Facebook and Twitter, but blogs, forums, review sites and social media platforms that are appropriate to your business; such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

Social Media gives companies access to consumers and clients directly, and an appealing social media campaign can bring traffic and conversions to your website. Social Media can also act as a great way for feedback, both good and bad. This needs to be managed effectively by clients as bad press online can quickly spiral out of control.

By building up a number of followers through social media you can release special offers and keep ‘front of mind’ and get people back to your website and buying.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long time and has typically been used to keep clients up to date with business news, offers and sales. These emails go out to existing clients or people who have opted in for this news and therefore has quite a limited reach.

Effective email marketing can be measured through analytics to see how well your email campaigns are converting. You can track bounces, open rates, click through rates, and follow these visits through your website through to conversion on the site.

Social Vs Emails

Both forms of marketing are a good way of getting additional visitors to your website, promoting your brand and getting return sales.

Social Media has a much bigger reach than email marketing as you are not limited to people who have opted in, social media can be shared and has a much wider outreach than just your followers. Your followers may have never bought from you before but like your social media activity which may eventually result in a sale or recommendation to someone else.

Social media is a lot more customer focused and generates a discussion rather than just one way information from email marketing.

That being said, email marketing has its plus points, by focussing on people that have opted in you have more information about the demographic and can tailor your email design to suit them has a higher conversion rate.

Make Your Emails More Sociable

So what is the answer, should you neglect your email marketing strategy for Social Media?

Not always, as with most campaigns you always need synergy between marketing strategies, tie in your social media campaigns with your email marketing, don’t forget about your loyal customers who historically have been interested in your business and supported you.

Encourage people to sign up for your newsletter through social media and offer exclusive deals to loyal customers.

Include your social media icons in your emails newsletters and promote any competitions you are running, social media can have a huge reach and help build your brand as well as introduce you to new customers.

There is no reason for you to jeopardise either campaign, as long as you have good strategies and tracking for both you can have the best of both world.