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An Introduction to Video Marketing

By Sadie on October 30, 2017


Video Marketing is very exciting at the moment; with all the major platforms putting preference on video content, you need to think about how you can integrate video into your marketing.

Video has always been the gold standard when it comes to advertising, that’s why TV adverts and product placement in films and TV shows has always been so popular.

Small businesses have often found it difficult to implement a video marketing strategy, because historically filming has been expensive and time-consuming. Then, of course, you had to pay for air time and distribution which often involved significant investment.

We are now in a time where the cost of video production and broadcast quality technology can be considerably cheaper.  Additionally, once these videos have been developed, there is a multitude of powerful social networks, along with SEO and PPC strategies to distribute your content very cost-effectively.

So getting exposure and engagement for your brand, service or products is now more powerful than ever.  This combined with the fact that we have super fast internet connections, high-powered smartphones and billions of people glued to them through social media; it’s a perfect storm to get amazing results through video marketing.

Types of Video Marketing

So what types of video marketing are there?  Well let’s go through just a few examples, all of which I have linked to in the description below:

Starting at the pinnacle of video production, this would be something like a brand film – a great example of this is brand film by Lexus, which showcases the different products they develop, and really shows the audience the company ethos and vision of the company to tell the story of the brand.

Next would be promotional adverts for companies or products.  This would be something like the videos created by the Harmon Brothers, which is known for being high quality, big production and often goes viral. My favourite video is the one they created for the squatty potty, and their adverts drove over $100 million dollars in revenue in 2016.  This is a good example because it’s both an educational, explainer style video but also very entertaining. Another great example of this would be the Dollar Beard Club videos.

Now not all videos need to be high cost and production. Educational videos, like the one you’re watching right now, can be very easy and cheap to make. You’re providing educational content and value to your audience in exchange for awareness and hopefully to be perceived as knowledgeable or an expert in that subject area.

Next we have product reviews and unboxing videos. Now in a lot of cases these are best created by key online influencers; so, for example, a big brand may use a celebrity ambassador this. This is someone who has a big social media following and is trusted by their audience. On the other end of the spectrum, you have micro influencers. These guys often have much smaller audiences, but can be much more trusted. Brands have been investing a lot of money in micro influencers like bloggers for years, and vloggers are really the next target market for this.

Next there are short-form videos.  These are typically up to a minute long, so the entire video can be shared natively on platforms like Twitter and Instagram as well YouTube and Facebook. They can be anything from animation to simple videos, and they are designed to stand out and engage the user in the sea of static graphics and images.

The simplest video of all would be similar to an animated GIF. You may have noticed these on Facebook; essentially they are images but slightly animated and maybe around 10 seconds or so length. The reason for doing this is two-fold;

  1. It’s animated so stands out more than an image, and currently auto-plays as you scroll.
  2. Secondly you may get some additional reach by posting a video to Facebook, as they are really trying to push their own video platform at the moment.

So these are just some of the different types of video you can create to help you increase awareness for your brand, service or product. Of course to keep this video short we really have just scratched the surface of this subject. If you liked this video don’t forget to subscribe for more videos on our YouTube channel.