IG Shopping - Instagram meets Ecommerce

IG Shopping – Instagram meets Ecommerce

By Falkon Digital on January 5, 2019

What is IG Shopping?

Instagram has experienced user growth in excess of 350% over the last year or so and while it’s still not as big a social media platform as Facebook (Instagram’s owner) it’s undoubtedly the most prominent in terms of influencing the buying habits of it’s users.

Successfully influencing buying habits can reap large rewards for those able to do it as recent research suggests that younger people spend nearly £400 a year on average just based on what they’ve seen on their social media feeds.

With this being the case, it’s probably no surprise that rather than influencing buying decisions for sales which then take place elsewhere, that Instagram is now planning to launch a standalone Ecommerce app for shopping – IG Shopping.


How is IG Shopping Different From Shopping Tags in Instagram?

Millions of brands advertise via Instagram and users may have spotted (since November 2016) a shopping tag on certain products. If a user likes an item in their feed enough to look at buying it, clicking the shopping tag on enabled accounts, takes the user to where they can make their purchase, via their browser and hence, outside the app.

Instagram, naturally, would like users to stick around rather than going elsewhere, so one of the key features IG Shopping will provide is the ability to make purchases seamlessly in-app.

This is likely to come as unwelcome news for Shopify and several other third party providers who’ve developed tools and plugins to work with the Instagram shopping tags and earn themselves a cut of it’s lucrative e-commerce potential as a digital shop window. Instagram will be essentially cutting out the ‘middlemen’ and earning a larger slice of the eCommerce pie at their expense.


When will IG Shopping be released?

Instagram itself has reportedly been quiet on the subject of the IG Shopping. In fact, not even the name has been confirmed ‘IG Shopping’ being merely a rumour. So there’s no timeline or release date at present.

While it seems unlikely, there’s even the possibility that IG Shopping (or whatever it ends up being called) may never be released at all.

Would you use IG Shopping?