I Found the Pot o' Gold...!

I Found the Pot o’ Gold..!!

By Steve on November 1, 2010

Driving home after a day of rain the other week, the sun began to break through if only for a short window. But it managed to produce one of the most amazing rainbows I had seen in a long time. Camera by my side as ever… I slammed on the breaks when I found a good half-way stop and managed to test my photography skills and capture the following image…

As soon as I looked through the lens, and on chimping at the back of the camera – I noticed I have finally solved the riddle and captured it… The End of the rainbow! If you want to join me in my dig for the gold, you can find me at Charnock Richard Church, Lancashire! Next week it’s off to the local meadow at dawn to capture that pesky Unicorn!

The above rainbow photograph was taken using a Canon EOS 40D on aperture priority mode. Colour and contrast has been tweaked slightly in Adobe Lightroom 3 to help enhance the colours of the rainbow, but its pretty mush straight out of the camera.

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