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How To Get Over 1 Million Views To A Single YouTube Video

By Falkon Digital on January 17, 2020

Falkon MD Luke Sherran provides a case study from his own personal YouTube account, demonstrating how we got over 1.3 million organic views to a single YouTube video. At Falkon Digital, we have been investing a lot of time and research into YouTube.  Although fundamentally this was to be able to provide a better digital marketing service to our clients, it’s a platform that we’re all genuinely passionate about, and this is clear to see from the time we spend on our own personal endeavours.

In this video, Luke shows the strategies and techniques he uses to maximise the reach and awareness of his videos, and how this can be replicated over and over again using a principle called the “Double Down”. This video almost serves as a step by step guide which can be useful for a lot of people trying to get the most out of the YouTube platform.

From experience, we know exactly what it’s like when you invest a lot of time and effort into making a video for YouTube, only for it to get little to no traction once you’ve finally published it. Even utilising a few of the strategies outlined in this video can make a big difference.

YouTube SEO Strategies that work

It’s worth noting that these techniques aren’t guaranteed to work every single time, but using this example workflow and key steps can massively increase the probability that your video will perform much better on the YouTube platform. You’ll see that a lot of your success on the platform is down to your content – your content being your title, thumbnail and video. In the video, Luke explains his process for creating these for best results.

Applying this to your business

These techniques and principles can be applied to any business or brand, they are not limited for use on personal YouTube channels. Having a personal channel gives you a lot more freedom for picking topics, as you’re not limited by brand guidelines, but the main principles can be applied to any video as a set of best practices. To find out more about how you can use video for your company or brand, speak to us!