How to feed your Blog into your Facebook Page

How to feed your Blog into your Facebook Page

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If you have a facebook profile or Facebook fan page you may want to import your blog posts into Facebook to update your friends and followers that you have added a new blog post, here’s how to do it…

As a Manchester SEO company SEO Creative don’t just focus on SEO but also your whole online marketing strategy. Social media can be very time consuming, updating your blog can be very important for Social Media, SEO and encouraging visits and traffic to the site, so updating your facebook page as well can take up valuable time. By Feeding your blog into Twitter and Facebook you can save valuable time so here is some information to help you feed your blog into your facebook page.

What you need to do is feed your Blog’s RSS feed into your Facebook page, this can be done on a profile Page, a fan page but at the moment there is no way to do it with a Facebook group but we will update this if it changes.

Facebook isn’t very user friendly as feeding your RSS feed can be quite complicated even for a Facebook veteran, but if you follow these steps it won’t be long before you’ll be updating your friends and followers with your latest blog posts.

Log into your home page or fan page in Facebook, then either look on the right hand side for “Notes” or the tab on the top of your profile or fan page, this is the bit most people get confused by as you expect the correct area to be labelled blog or RSS – but no it is “notes”:

facebook home page notes


Once you click on the Notes area there should be the “Notes Settings” on the right hand side:
notes settings Facebook

Click on “import a blog” and you should get to the correct window:
import blog rss feed into facebook

Recently I have found Facebook to be a bit temperemental so you may need to click on Notes help to get to this area.

Enter the URL of your blog for example (don’t have to worry about the RSS/XML/RDF/Atom feed address, Facebook will figure it out), check the “it’s mine” box, then click on “Start Importing”.

Facebook will then show you a preview of the import of your blog, if you are happy then you can click “Confirm Import” and your blogs will be imported into the notes section of your Facebook page and will also come up in your friends and fans’ news feed as you update your blog.

You can only update one blog at a time but there are Facebook applications that will do the same thing like Twitfeed and Atom burner but this way works the best that I have seen.

This simple tool can help your social media strategy and save you valuble time, but remember social media is also about engagement with your audience so make sure you add your own posts, opinions and engage in conversations through social media as well.

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