How to Create a Business YouTube Account

How to create a business YouTube account

By Lee on March 22, 2017

Video is a big deal for Digital Marketing, with more and more videos being uploaded to the internet than ever before, and videos getting high levels of engagement then your business should be considering a Video and YouTube strategy.

YouTube is currently the world’s 2nd largest search engine as it has over 1 billion monthly users. So, if you don’t already have a YouTube account for your business then this post will walk you through the process, from start to finish.

The first thing to note is that YouTube accounts are directly linked to Google accounts. So you can either use an existing Google account to create your YouTube account, or you can set up a YouTube account from scratch and a Google account will be created for you in the process.

We’ll start by going over the steps for setting up a YouTube account from scratch.

How to create a YouTube account if you don’t have a Google account

Go to
Click Sign-in in the top right corner of the page and click create account

Youtube Create Account

Fill out the fields required to create your Google account.

Once you’ve created your Google account, you’ll be taken to the YouTube homepage. From there click on My Channel from the menu on the left side.


Click on Use a business or other name on the pop-up that appears.


Choose a name for your channel which should be the name of your business. Once you’ve chosen your name you will need to choose the category that best describes your business. It’s important to remember that a Google+ page will automatically be created under the name you choose as well.


Once you’ve selected your channel name, you’re channel will be created and then the next step is about designing your channel image and channel art.

How to create a YouTube account with an existing Google account

If you’ve set up a Google+ page or Gmail address for your business, then you already have a Google account that you can use to create your YouTube account.

You can also use your personal Google account to create a YouTube account for your business. Don’t worry—the association between the two can remain private.

These are the steps that you’ll follow whether you have an existing Google account for your business or are using a personal Google account.

Go to
Sign in with the email address attached to your existing Google account.
Click on your profile icon in the top right corner.
Click on the wheel icon beside Creator Studio.


Click on Create a new channel.


Choose a name for your channel and the category that best describes your business.


Building a great YouTube account

Add a profile image and channel art

Like any profile you create on a social network, the appearance of your YouTube account is a direct reflection of your business. Adding a profile image will help make your account instantly recognisable, and adding channel art gives you a chance to include even more branded visuals and messaging.

Getting views and subscribers

Your YouTube account is now created and your channel is ready. Now it’s time to focus on videos, views, and subscribers. For more information on optimising your YouTube channel check out our recent blog post.

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