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How to Blog – Tips to help you Blog More and Blog Better

By Falkon Digital on March 22, 2010

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Many of our clients ask us about how to write a good blog, especially for SEO, so we decided to put our heads together and blog about it!

Blogging is great! We love blogging as it can improve your website, show you as an authority in your industry, increase traffic to your site and is brilliant for SEO, however if you have never blogged before it can be a bit daunting, and putting your opnion and thoughts into the public domain can be frightening.

Let me just start by saying blogging has moved on a long way from 13 year olds putting their thoughts and feelings online, blogs are not just online and very public diaries but a great way to keep your website updated. A blog can be used as a great marketing tool and any reputable business can improve their online presence through regular updates on their blog.

Writing good blog content

When blogging for a business you may be a bit more cautious about putting your own opinions into your blogs, but if it is appropriate a little bit of controversy can make your blog more popular and encourage links. People like to read different views and opinions so adding a bit of your own personality can make your blog a more popular read which more people will want to subscribe to.

Ideally you should write a blog between 200 to 500 words but keeping it to about 250 is a good length, it is long enough for search engines to see it as a good amount of unique content, but it isn’t too long for people to struggle to get into or not have time to read properly.

Always make sure your blog is unique, this isn’t just good for the search engines but people will be more likely to read your blog if it is different to other websites out there. If you can’t think of something to write then set up Google alerts on your industry or keywords and write your opinion on them. These will keep your blog current and interesting.

Try to write an interesting subject line, something that if you saw it in a Twitter post would encourage someone to read. The title is the first impression on how good your blog will be so a sensationalist or interesting title will always get more click throughs.

Writing content for SEO

Blogs are excellent for SEO, when writing a blog you can use keywords that come up naturally in your blog to help strengthen the internal linking of your website. For example linking ‘category name’ to the category page helps Google and search engines understand that this keywords is relevant to this page.

A lot of people get worried about writing SEO content on their blog and feel they should stick to a particular keywords density but I find it is better to keep things natural. If there is an opportunity to put in a relevant keyword then do, but make sure you never compromise the users content for the SEO content.

We have had experience at many Manchester SEO companies so if you need any help on writing a good blog, you should contact one of our SEO consultants.

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