How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost? How is website cost calculated?

By Luke on October 2, 2009

How much does a website cost?

Why website cost shouldn’t be defined before a design briefing

A couple of days ago we wrote a blog post about low cost web design, and since then we have had a number of people asking “how much DOES a website cost?”.  Well, the truth is that there really isn’t a set answer to this, it completely depends upon the requirements of the client. Most design agencies will charge an hourly or daily rate for their work, and they will create a written quotation for you based on the amount of time it will take to complete the job. If all you are after is a static website with let’s say 6 pages, chances are that there will be a design cost of about 1-2 days and a development cost of 1-3 days. Theoretically, if the day rate of the agency is £500, then the website would cost between £1,000 and £2,500. If you want something a little bit more complicated such as a CMS (content management system) so that you can update the site yourself, or you want a blog, a Flash interaction or an eCommerce website then the cost will obviously increase.

Some companies offer a standard price for a website, and you may have seen there slogan’s on various advertising boards quoting i.e. “professional websites for £499”. I am always very wary of these kinds of companies, because how can they offer the same price to every client before they even know their basic requirements? Ultimately they aim to save time by choosing the site design from a number of pre-built templates and choosing which will best fit that particular client’s needs. Maybe this is perfect for some people, but I would always opt for a bespoke design for your site. Additionally, these companies often tie you in to ‘update retainers’ (a monthly fee to update the site) and using their own hosting so that they get back any extra development costs.

We are in a strong position because as freelancers we have very low overheads, enabling us to offer a much lower development rate for our work. To get a quotation for website  cost or any other digital work, then simply contact us to find out more.