How Much Does A Website Cost? ...... It Depends

How Much Does A Website Cost? …… It Depends

By Sadie on December 9, 2009


What factors affect the website cost?

Many people contact Falkon Digital, asking about the cost of a new website, unfortunately, it is very difficult to answer until we know exactly what you want. A new website consists of different elements which I will go into now, but firstly the client has to decide the purpose of the site; is it to sell products, is it a resource for information, is it to raise brand awareness, is it a brochure site to generate leads. Whatever the purpose we can find a website package that suits you.

Domain Name

Before you build a website you need a domain name, this is the address of the website so would be a good domain name. If your company name is different to your keywords you may want to purchase as this will do better in the Search engines. Domain names cost as little as a few pounds a year, but you have to make sure you renew when this runs out as your site will go down otherwise.


Once you have a domain name you need somewhere on the internet for it to sit, this is your hosting. Depending on your website and the amount of traffic you hope to receive this could cost anything from a few pounds a month to hundreds of pounds a month. At Falkon Digital we can offer you a hosting solution for any requirement at competitive prices.

Website Design

Once you have decided on the purpose of your website a web designer will go through any brand guidelines, colour schemes, and images you want to produce an initial concept. This will go on for a while as you work with the designer to get the right look for your site. This usually takes a few days to get right.

Once the website design has been signed off by you, the designer will code the front of the website up, using XHTML and CSS, this is then tested in browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Safari, Chrome and Firefox to make sure the website design looks good in all browsers. This takes 1-2 days depending on the size of the website and the complexity of the design.

Website Development

While the Web designer is working on the web design often the web developer will be working on the back end of a website, this is to make sure the website displays properly and can be read by search engines. In a lot of our websites, we will build a CMS (Content Management System) this is so you, the client, can add and change content when you need to. This makes it cheaper to run your website as you don’t need to contact web designer or developer to change content and add offers you can do this yourself which dramatically reduces the website cost overall. This backend is built by the web developer and can take a few days depending on the website.


To make your website stand out from the competition you may want additional features like a flash gallery or flash game, flash is typically a difficult program to develop in and can take much longer than normal development depending on the flash element you want this can take at least a day to build. Many agencies charge more per hour for flash work as it is in demand but at Falkon Digital we charge the same as all development work.


What does this all mean in terms of money?

When purchasing a website you are paying for the time needed to build the website, this can be anything from 3 full days work for a basic site to a number of weeks for a more complicated site. At an agency, who charge anything from £600 – £1,500 a day, this can get very expensive, but at Falkon Digital we charge much less as we don’t have the same overheads which mean we can keep your website cost down. Agencies have to cover the costs of production staff as well as admin, sales staff, cleaners, receptionists and of course the cost of offices and other bills. At Falkon Digital you pay only for the time spent on your website. We throw in friendly chats for free!