How Important is YouTube Optimisation For Businesses?

How Important Is YouTube Optimisation For Businesses?

By Lee on March 15, 2017

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YouTube has been evolving for years, we always knew that YouTube would become a big hitter in SEO after Google acquired them in 2006. The past 10 year’s have seen the platform grow significantly with active users and engagement. This ready made platform that has prominence in the search engines, and is a search engine in itself is not to be brushed aside for businesses.

How important is YouTube?

YouTube is currently the world’s 2nd largest search engine. It’s bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined. YouTube has 1 billion unique monthly visitors and half of all internet users are on YouTube. When it comes to video marketing for businesses it’s crucial to remember that only Vimeo and YouTube can appear in the search engines.
Google knows that for certain queries, there are many people who will find a video explanation easier to understand and more helpful than a standard article, Google also understands that video is a very popular way of getting content across to a user. This means a well-optimised video can be displayed prominently on Google, drawing in even more traffic and helping you to establish yourself as the go-to expert.

Once you get people to your video, you also have the opportunity to expand your communication with them. Encouraging people to click through to your brand’s YouTube page, or even to your company website, can turn your brand awareness into concrete site traffic (and ultimately, leads and conversions).
To accomplish these goals, however, you need to attract traffic to your video and get it in front of the right people. YouTube optimisation is the key to achieving this.

The graph below shows how video traffic has grown over the years, it is important to understand that YouTube only counts a view after 30 seconds, whereas Facebook counts a view as being 3 seconds.

youtube optimsation

YouTube Optimisation Factors

We have been predicting the rise in video marketing for years, however, it’s only recently that companies have started to take it seriously. Specifically, we looked at the correlation between ranking factors such as views, comments and shares with YouTube rankings. This has helped us learn a lot about YouTube optimisation.

There are many factors towards getting your video to your right audience and getting it to rank for the keywords that are important for your business.

Keyword-rich video tags

We found that there is a good relationship between keyword-rich video tags and rankings. This could be because YouTube can now understand video content without the help of metadata. It isn’t as simple though as just putting in plenty of video tags as if they are not going to rank for what you need them for you.

Video comments

Comments appear to be an important ranking factor. We found that a video’s comment count strongly correlates with higher rankings. Unfortunately, comments can sometimes be hard to get. If you’re not already reaching your desired audience you can end up with nothing but views that will lead to no engagement.

Video Duration

Longer videos usually outperform shorter videos. The average length of a first page YouTube video is 14 minutes, 50 seconds. However, this doesn’t mean you should make all your videos longer. Depending on your business would depend on how long your video needs to be. At Falkon Digital we look closely at each business we help with video marketing. If your audience only needs a 30-60 second short video then that’s what we advise. We take the time to look at what content you need to put across on the video, to make sure we get this best engagement possible from each and every video.

Video & Channel views

When it comes to the total amount of video views, YouTube sees this as very important. If a video is constantly being watched by lots of people, the higher it will rank on it’s search.  If you don’t plan your marketing video strategy out from the start you may end up with some great videos that nobody will ever see.

Creating engagement

The importance of YouTube optimisation for creating engagement is huge. Video likes and dislikes are significantly correlated with higher rankings. Therefore, videos that result in new subscribers have an advantage in YouTube search.

Once your engagement is good your subscriber count should grow. There’s a moderate correlation between a channel’s subscriber size and rankings. This means that even small channels have a chance to rank their videos in YouTube.

Video quality

It’s important to remember that video quality is also essential as HD videos dominate YouTube’s search results. 68.2% of videos on the first page of YouTube are in HD.

Don’t forget social media

Just like any other kind of content that you produce, promoting your YouTube videos across your social media channels is key to driving traffic to your videos and website. Plan to share your YouTube video across channels such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter. It’s the same as sharing blog posts or any other informative related content.

Are you using YouTube videos for your SEO?

If not, it’s time to start maximising your exposure online through video. Contact us today and let us put a video marketing strategy in place for your business.

When it comes to YouTube optimisation it’s highly important you seek a professionals advice. You won’t have much luck at getting your videos viewed unless you set out a video marketing strategy. At Falkon Digital we can optimise existing videos as well as setting up strategies and producing the videos ourselves.