How can Blogging help you get traffic

How can Blogging help you get traffic

By Sadie on October 21, 2010


When starting an SEO campaign you may focus on particular keywords such as ‘SEO Manchester‘, these take time to optimise and at the end of the day you are limited with the amount of searches for this keyword. People change the way they use search engines and will often type in more long tail keywords or even questions. This is where blogging and news updates can help your business with additional traffic.

At SEO Creative we love blogging but with good reason as not only can blogging or updating the news act as a catalyst for your main SEO keywords but can also get you a lot of new traffic. Blogging has the usual benefits of keeping your site up to date and encouraging Search Engine robots to come back and cache the new page of good relevant content, it can also help you get specific traffic and help you gain trust with potential customers.

Google Analytics is a good tool to keep an eye on how your website is performing, you can identify the keywords that bring the most traffic to your website. When doing a check of our own Analytics we got the usual searches for keywords such as ‘SEO Manchester’, ‘Web design Manchester‘ and ‘Flash Manchester‘, but we also get a lot of traffic for variations of questions such ‘open source versus bespoke cms’ and ‘php vs’ these are blogs that we have written a few months ago looking at the pro’s and cons of various types of website development.

The people who found our site were looking for specific information and from the time spent on the site they found it and many then when on to look at our other services. This is traffic that we would not have got without our blog, and by writing informative articles and blogs people see us as being knowledgeable in our industry. In the past month 83% of our website visitors have entered through a blog page and many other websites with blogs and news sections see similar stats.

At the end of the day SEO should be about getting traffic to your site and if you can do this by blogging and adding news articles then what is stopping you?