Harvest the spoils of Autumn - Conkers Photo

Harvest the spoils of Autumn – Conkers Photo

By Steve on October 26, 2010

Autumn is well and truly upon is, with the night’s drawing in, the leaves turning brown, and the gentle sound of conkers denting my car roof as they plummet to the ground. Autumn is great time for photography, with a new pallet of colours to play with, it’s time to head off into your local park and capture the ever changing scenes as best you can. The shorter days mean you have to get creative with what you do with the available light, and even more creative when it disappears. the “golden hour” extends to more social hours for your kids, and you should be able to get some stunning portraits of them kicking those leaves into touch!

Get outside before it’s too cold and see what you can shoot! You’ll be surprised!

Above image was shot with a Canon EOS 40D in a home studio with the conkers covered in a reflective umbrella shot with a Canon flash unit and wireless triggers. The backdrop is just a sheet of bright white paper. Expose slightly to the right and the paper becomes a flawless white backdrop.

This image is now available for purchase at the SEO Online Shop as a royalty free stock photograph.