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Happy Halloween from SEO Creative

By Falkon Digital on October 31, 2011

happy halloween SEO Creative


We like to have some fun at SEO Creative and as today is Halloween we thought we’d post a few Halooween themed images and update you on what we have been up to!

Account Director and Head of Search Sadie Sherran is not one to mess with as you can see from the image above! Although since her maternity leave earlier this year she hasn’t been in the office as much so we have had to tie her to a chair! This photo was taken at Stockport School of Makeup where as you can see there are some hauntingly good makeup artists.


Although we didn’t take the picture of Sadie, we have been very busy expanding the photography side of the SEO Creative portfolio and we still have loads more to add!

We have been lucky enough to have covered many of the recent Styner events, such as the Mclaren launch and some of the recent Bentley launches. In the theme of Halloween we have chosen one of our Bentley photos that could easily be Batmans or more likely Bruce Waynes car.

Bentley continental launch


We have also been lucky enough to get the chance to use our art direction skills and be involved in some projects that are more conceptual, rather than the usual corporate photography and commerce photography. This was a fun job as it was more unusual and we got to play around with lights in the studio as well as projecting words onto a model using a light projector. This was a difficult issue to overcome as the subject was one of Shakespeares sonnets describing the pain of a love he cannot have and so the theme was dark and moody and perfect to revisit for Halloween. The series of these images can be found in the photography portfolio.

Shakespeare photography

Any images on the SEO Creative blog wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from out favourite stormtroopers and here are TD-421 and TD-422 fighting over therir Trick or Treat sweets!

Trick or Treat storm troopers



So Halloween is here and many of our clients have kept us busy putting together seasonal eCards to in turn send to their clients. These have been really popular this year and a good chance for our Flash developers to play around on some interesting projects.

Sppoky pumpkins lighting up in the dark, witches flying across a night sky illuminating it with’Happy Halloween’ and even some more complex games in ecards we have had lots of fun and our clients have enjoyed being involved in the design process.

We are also having to endure christmas songs already in the office as we are getting a head start on this years Christmas eCards, this has gotten the boss Luke very excited for Christmas so maybe we will do another competition this year.