Happy 3rd Birthday to SEO Creative

Happy 3rd Birthday to SEO Creative

By Sadie on May 14, 2012

SEO Creative 3rd Birthday cake

Media Pro UK Ltd and SEO Creative have been trading for 3 years this weekend, and we have a lot to celebrate!

Out of the Terrible Two’s

Tears, tantrums and technology

The terrible twos are a time when many children learn the word ‘no’, tantrums are rife and parents often need to work hard to get their toddler to behave. In business, year two is a crucial year when many businesses can fail and so a lot of work is needed to nurture your company.

SEO Creative has had a growth spurt during its 2nd year and if you see our year in 2011, you can see how busy we were, we with 2 office moves, new content writers and new staff. Today we are also welcoming our web design apprentice Carl to the team.

As a business we have had a few tantrums as Google has thrown a lot at us from a SEO point of view, meaning our SEO strategies have become more creative to continue to get great results for our clients. Technology is adapting; in 2009 when we started the business, mobile was not as important as it is now, but today one of our web design considerations has to be mobile and responsive design.

We started the business in 2009 as a bunch of freelancers who offered agency standard website solutions at freelance costs. We could offer this as we worked from home, and even though the company has evolved since then, with moves to a home office and then moving to Grosvenor House in Altrincham last year, we still work hard to keep our hourly rates low and standards of website design high.

As our company has grown we have had the privilege of working with some fantastic clients and have done some amazing work on SEO and internet marketing campaigns, as well as designing some great websites.


Forget Cookies – lets eat Cake!

Today we want to forget about cookies and celebrate our birthday with some cake! We have had a cake made up with our logo by local cake designer, Sweets by Sarah, and she also made us 15 lovely geeky cupcakes.

SEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - HTML 5SEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - TwitterSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - WordPressSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - MagentoSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - Adobe FlashSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - AdobeSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - GoogleSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - PhotographySEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - Box ProSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - Web AppsSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - Don't forget BingSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - Email NewslettersSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - Google +SEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - FacebookSEO Creative 3rd Birthday cupcake - PHP Development
The cakes represent some of the services we offer, from left to right we have, HTML 5, Twitter (Social Media Management), WordPress development, Magento Development, Flash, Adobe, Google (SEO), Photography, Boxing Websites (via BoxPro), Mobile app and website development, Bing (SEO), EMail marketing, Google plus (Social Media), Facebook (Social Media) and PHP development.

How many website designers…

… does it take to cut a cake!?

cutting the seo creative cake

Here is a quick snap taken of Luke, Steve and Jon cutting the main cake up. As you can see it was a big task and required all three of them. Luke said it was because the structural integrity was lost as they hacked into it, but I think it was an excuse to all sneak in some extra cake!