Google webmaster tools shows indexed pages as zero!

Google webmaster tools shows indexed pages as zero!

By Luke on April 28, 2010

Google webmaster tools indexed pages at zero

This morning I was performing a few checks on some of our Manchester SEO client websites using Google Webmaster tools, when I noticed that the indexed URLs had dropped to zero (0). The image above shows the xml sitemaps and feeds with zero (0) pages indexed (based on my findings this is probably a familiar sight for some of you). I checked a few other of our websites, and they all had the same issue. There also didn’t seem to be any difference as to the platform or the type of site either i.e. WordPress, static site, ecommerce etc. I wasn’t particularly worried because I had noticed some recent glitches with Webmaster tools, and so I assumed (and hoped!) it was something to do with that. Having personally checked a lot of these sites myself, I knew that there wasn’t any issues or black hat SEO techniques used on the sites that would cause it to be penalised or de-indexed by Google.

I checked it out on Google Webmaster Central, and sure enough quite a few people were complaining of the same issue. In one of the recent threads, there was a link to the following announcement from Google:

The indexed URL counts for Sitemaps that you have submitted in Webmaster Tools may be showing zero (0) indexed URLs for some sites. We are aware of this issue and are looking into it; you do not need to take any action. This will have no effect on your site’s performance in search results.

So for anyone panicking out there – don’t worry! This is seemingly just a glitch with Webmaster Tools and will not effect your site in the SERPs. You don’t need to use any techniques to try and get Google to crawl your site again to get it re-indexed. Hopefully this issue will be resolved quite quickly – in fairness, Google are normally quite good at getting these issues nailed once they have been spotted!