Standing Out from the Social Media Crowd

Standing Out from the Social Media Crowd

By Sadie on July 3, 2012

More and more businesses are using social media as a marketing source and spending a lot of time tweeting, retweeting and having conversations with who they hope are prospective clients but with everyone doing social media how can you stand out? Social Media Management is keeping your social media profiles engaged but with so many other businesses doing the same thing on Twitter and Facebook is your voice turning into just noise? As with all marketing, just showing up is not good enough, most people think that having a Twitter profile or Facebook page is enough but a lot of the time this is a waste of time if you are not winning business.


Twitter and Facebook

Just Facebook and Twitter

The first mistake many people make is assuming social media is just Facebook and Twitter, when in reality is encompasses so much more. Social Media is blogging, forum participation, You Tube, LinkedIn, Review Centres, Pinterest, Instagram…the list goes on and on. Basically anywhere that you can generate opinions, share media and hold conversations; is considered to be social media.


google plus hangouts

Where do your target audience ‘hang out’

Who are you trying to target? Who is your client base? If you sell baby products you need to target parents, if you sell expensive business solutions you need to target company decision makers, you need to find out which social media platforms will put you in front of the correct people. The amount of people who just have a Facebook page or a Twitter account when they have no evidence that it will be getting the brand message out to the right people, and if they are on Facebook will they be in the right frame of mind to purchase? Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool is used correctly and so is Twitter but a lot of businesses are only on these platforms because someone told them they should be. Social Media Marketing is not one size fits all so don’t fall into the trap of believing it.


twitter robot

Automated updates on Social Media

Using automated updates on social media is a very lazy way of ‘ticking the social media box’, it offers no personality and will not help you to stand out from the crowd. Automating some of your Social Media Management is fine, such as linking the RSS feed from your blog to your Twitter account, but if this is the only participation then people will soon get bored of following you.  Just using automated updates means you will be missing out on a lot of information or conversations.


Social Media Conversation

Get involved

Getting involved in your social media can be beneficial for you in terms of keeping up with industry knowledge, give you valuable feedback on your customer service or your products and also open doors to new clients. If you just update and never read what else is going on, you could be missing a lot and you won’t be engaging with your customers. You also should keep an eye on all your social media for questions or comments that require a response as this could help your reputation management as well as show people you are open to conversations.


Personality works

Add your personality

To stand out from the crowd you need to show your personality, or the business personality, are you a bunch of geeks? Let your followers and fans know but sharing geeky things you like. Always make sure you represent your brand well though, do not swear and keep clear of political issues that may not sit well with your clients, you do not want to lose business because of one persons opinion that may not represent the company. Try to avoid arguments and be polite and respectful if someone were to pick a fight, try to be reasonable and detached and don’t let emotions get out of control. Always remember you are representing a brand not yourself.

stand out from the crowd

Stand Out From the Crowd

So you are have the right platform and are in front of your customers, you are engaging and sharing witty and informative media, but then so are all of your competitors….what do you do? This is where good social media management comes into play, incorporating offline and online marketing and thinking up ideas that will make you really stand out. Here are a few things to consider when setting yourself apart from your competitors;

  • What are your USP’s and how can you use social media to let people know?
  • What do your customers want to see, hear about?
  • What are your customers interested in?
  • How can you incorporate any other marketing?

If you have answers for these you can generate ideas that will work, always checking your solution fits those questions. To stand out from the crowd you need to get creative, think of competitions your customer will find fun and interesting with a prize that they really want. Use clever content and media that will capture people’s imagination and use social media to promote and share, great content has the potential to go viral and this can be as inexpensive as a witty idea or comment. If you want more help in sorting your social media strategy to help you stand out from the crowd and win business then contact us today.

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