Google Wallet - Money just got smarter!

Google Wallet – Money just got smarter!

By Sadie on September 19, 2011

google wallet

Money made easy – smart phones are getting smarter and Google is embracing this by releasing new technology that means one day all you may need is your phone and keys with Google Wallet.

The long anticipated Google wallet is runoured to be released this week and avaiable to the public, but what is it and what does it mean?

Google’s Digital Wallet Web App

Google wallet is a smart phone app that will allow people to use their mobile phones to make offline payments in stores.

There have been rumours for some time that Google will be releasing a service to make contactless (tap and pay) technology available for smart phones. Last week it was reported that more people in the UK have smart phones than don;t have smart phones, this is anything from a iPhone, a HTC, Samsung or any other smart phone that uses web technology. Leaked documents from Google suggest that tomorrow could be the public release day for the Near Field Communications technology that will enable smart phone users to pay for items by swiping their mobile phone. This of course is dependent on the shops and merchants that have the technology enabled to ercieve this type of payment method but this could be a groundbreaking way of doing business.

To use the Google Wallet web app you can select a card on your phone then tap a credit card reader to make a payment. Google claims this will make things easier for shoppers and retailers to do business but in reality it is a good promotion for Google as they get to sell coupns and advertising.

Another way that the Google wallet web application will be useful for users (and ‘don’t be evil’ Google) is that you will be able to find deals quickly saving you money through vouchers and coupons that are stored on your phone so they are always with you. You an use the search functionality to find both online deals and local deals as these can be synced automatically to your Google wallet based on your settings and location. With participating stores you can earn loyalty points and could even save you time as you won’t have to stand in as many long queues waiting to pay.

This new smartphoneweb app is to be tested in the US and has been critised over security issues, there is the risk of having all of your bank and credit card information istored online or in your phone. I know plenty of people who worry about logging into sites whilst on the move using a smart phone and this will be an extension of this concern. However, Google seems to have pre empted its critics by adding a ‘chip and pin’ style security to your Google Wallet web app that needs to inputted before you can make a purchase, this is coupled with a separate phone lock screen feature.

If this is successful in America then it will only be a matter of time before it is rolled out to other countries including the UK. At the moment it is only Mastercard credit cards and the smart phone Nexus S 4G that will support Google Wallet and very few retailers have the terminals to support this new form of payment however as more and more people use smart phones and other phones adapt to this technology this could mean fewer people will need to carry cash or even credit cards.

Google wallet is one of many web apps that van be added to your smart phone to make life more convenient or just for fun, SEO Creative can help you develop web apps for your business to help you make your brand more accessible and your products more convenient for smart phone users.