Google UK now hiding search data

Google UK now hiding search data

By Jonathan on March 7, 2012

Back in October last year Google announced they were going to begin encrypting search’s made by logged in users. As of today many UK Google analytic’s accounts have seen week on week changes with regard to their Not Provided results.

Reports have also claimed that up to 33% of referral data is being encrypted within the US. Looking at a UK site it doesn’t seem to be as high, but was are still in the honeymoon period for the UK.

Dan Barker shows us an example of what he has seen already. As can be seen from the graph, the amount of data that is now ‘Not Provided’ has increased up to 5 times. The data below shows ‘Not Provided’ data from today vs the same time last week.

Having a look at the ‘Not Provided’ data for SEO Creative it does seem like we have also been included within this update. Looking at our details, yesterday (when most people had seen the change) we had the most ‘Not Provided’ results we have had in the past month.

This keyword data is important as it allows us to see how users have entered the website, furthermore it allows us to optimise those landing pages to suit the users needs based on those search terms which in turn would help improve conversion rates.

Google say that they have implemented this new SSL to protect their logged in users. If you are logged in with your Google account you will be redirected to the https:// version of the website, whereas non-logged in users will carry on using the http:// version and their data will not be hidden in GA.